4 Ways Folding Bikes Make it Easier to get into Cycling

4 Ways Folding Bikes Make it Easier to get into Cycling

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So you’re thinking about making a lifestyle change, you might want to get fit, or save a few dollars on your daily commute. Cycling is an awesome way to do so, and have fun, go green and see more of your environment. Here are a few ways in which folding bikes in particular make for a smooth transition:

1. A folding bicycle just slides right on in to your life

The raison d’etre of the folding bicycle is to save space. Almost everyone has the kind of space in their house, apartment, houseboat, campervan or whatever, for a folding bike to fit with minimal fuss. Tuck it under the stairs, next to a bookcase, into the tool shed, just about anywhere.

2. Overhaul your route as much or as little as you like

You might be afraid to plunge straight into the long ride to work and back every morning, maybe worried about getting too tired and sweaty, or your journey is just impractically long. Folding your bike allows you to mix it up with all forms of transport, without fitting a rack to your car or checking ahead for bicycle carriages on trains. So add in the bike for your last leg from train to office, or put it in the trunk and park further away to get a little burst of endorphins in a ride before your 9 to 5.

3. Less risk of losing your investment

Bicycle theft is a sad fact of life, but folding your bike means you can bring it inside easily at night, stick it under your desk at work, or even take it into the bathroom stall! Never lose track of your folding buddy again. And whatever bike you have, you might want to get it registered.

4. Finding friends and advice

The cycling community is huge and friendly, but folding bike owners are particularly enthusiastic in most cases. They tend to organize very inclusive group rides (less intimidating than the serious, experienced roadie groups perhaps) and some posses vast knowledge that you can tap into in person or online. It can be great to get impartial advice on upgrades or adjustments from someone who has been there and done that. Try a forum, facebook or just google it.