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Level up your Business with Cutting-edge Products & Technology

Cycling has become a worldwide trend amid the strong demand for low-carbon transportation around the globe. Whether you are an aspirant or a seasoned industry player in the bicycle business, you are potentially a strong advocate for green living. If you decide to work with Dahon as our distributor or partner, it speaks a lot for your vision of business success.

Here are the four reasons why Dahon can meet your objective:



1. Global Brand for 40+ Years

In 1982, Dr David Hon, a famous American aerospace expert and physicist, founded DAHON and invented his first folding bike, which has since become the prototype of most modern folding bikes. The birth of DAHON has revolutionized the design of folding bikes. Today Dahon is one of the household names for folding bikes around the world. It was once awarded by Guinness World Record as “the world’s largest folding bicycle manufacturer and seller”, and Dr. Hon is well known as the “Father of Folding Bike”.

Dr. Hon enjoys esteemed reputation in the bicycle industry, receiving the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of Golden Bicycle in 2019, and the “Special Contribution Award of the Bicycle Industry” in 2020. In 2021, he was elected for the cover of “China Bicycle” magazine, and at the end of the year, he was interviewed by CCTV’s “Extraordinary Craftsman”, a television documentary series that interviews and gives key insight into China’s biggest enterprises, giving their audience the opportunity to learn all about their success stories and entrepreneurial spirit.

The strong brand influence of DAHON is likely to give stronger reasons for customer preferences, making any level of business co-operations much easier.



2. Strength in Technology Innovations

DAHON has remained at the forefront of research and development of folding bike technology over the past four decades, far exceeding industry standards in aspects such as the ability to innovate, R&D capacity, technical strength and degree of specialization. Dahon pioneers a number of patented technologies in the world, and thus it is able to control the development opportunities of the overall folding bike industry.

With the collective wisdom of senior management and product R&D experts from many countries, Dahon has obtained more than 500 patents so far. Most folding bikes in the world are built with Dahon genes, using at least five or six of its tech patents.

Dr. Hon initiated the “Sharing 360” brand promotion campaign, licensing dozens of Dahon’s core, key components and advanced technologies to fellow industry players.  The campaign has achieved good results, many industry leaders have also shown great interest and support and dozens of contracts have been signed. DAHON aspires to achieve mutual benefit and reap win-win results within the folding bike industry through its outstanding contributions to improving the quality of global bicycles.

Thanks to the evolution of Dahon’s patented technology DELTEC, making folding bicycles stronger, safer and faster, DAHON has brought about a revolution of single-beam folding bikes.

In May 2023, at the outdoor open racing challenge of the Shanghai Bicycle Exhibition, DAHON’s new DELTEC enabled folding bike was faster than the large-wheel track bike, and the performance was amazing.



3. Leveraging Economies of Scale

DAHON is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating production, sales, R&D and excellent after-sales service. It obtained ISO9001 quality system certification in 2020, Intellectual Property Compliance Certification in April 2021, and National High-Tech Enterprise Certification of China in December.

The company now has two major production plants respectively for folding bikes and e-bikes. Its advanced production facilities yield an annual output of 1 million units selling well in more than 70 countries.

Dahon’s product categories are divided into 15 series, with more than 300 models going beyond the folding bike category to cover e-bikes, mopeds, designated drivers’ bikes, carbon fiber bikes, kids’ bikes and patented components and spare parts, etc., with urban commuting, leisure sports, low-carbon environmental protection and other green travel attributes.

The bicycles produced by Dahon are exquisite in design, excellent quality, comfortable to ride, easy to carry, recognized by the market, and trusted by consumers, especially Mariner D8, Unio E20, Curl and electric cargo tricycles Cargo T5, etc., which are very popular around the world. The products have won a number of international awards, such as Red Dot Design Award at the European International Bicycle Show, Taipei International Bicycle Show Innovation Design Award, etc.

DAHON has set up advanced production plants at home and abroad, with the most cutting-edge production technology in the industry, and a global warehousing layout to meet the needs of multiple batches and large orders. Its customers never miss out on earning opportunities due to delayed deliveries.

DAHON’s excellent product quality has been well tested and recognized by the market. Not only does it sell with confidence, but it also saves considerable after-sales maintenance service costs.



4. Great support to Partners & Distributors

  • Good value for money: Whether comparing the same product quality versus price or vice-versa, consumers unanimously agree that Dahon’s products have the best value for money among all comparable brands on the market. In order to expand the international market, Dahon manages its profit margins and suggested retail prices, especially some competitive models and bicycle accessories suitable for international friends, at surprisingly affordable prices, giving priority to international distributors and dealers.


  • Business cooperation support: DAHON has established a standardized partner business assessment system, granting higher levels of cooperation to well-operated distributors who enjoy higher corresponding support and rewards.

It provides all the necessary marketing materials to new customers, and a team of professional export consultants will guide you throughout the process of business management, help you easily do business and set up marketing channels. Based on the total amount purchased, you will be given a percentage of the total purchase volume for marketing expenses, allowing you to receive a larger return with a smaller investment.


  • Marketing support: DAHON increases investment in marketing publicity, conducts more search engine optimization, invites well-known KOLs to review products, and encourages dealers to carry out marketing and publicity activities, and provides corresponding financial support.

Now it cooperates with the internationally renowned media PR Newswire, signed a contract for millions of publicity services every year, and continuously increases the publicity and promotion of the brand around the world with the help of its strong marketing touchpoints and media network.


Dahon’s business has shown robust grown over the past three consecutive years. Currently it has met the conditions for listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange and the current application assessment process is progressing smoothly. It is expected that more partners will have the opportunity to become its shareholders and obtain dividends after Dahon goes public.



DAHON has always been an advocate of low-carbon, energy-saving and green travel, actively enacting its mission of environmental protection while leading the trend of bicycle innovation. We are recruiting distributors and partners around the world to join the DAHON family. We are looking forward to win-win cooperation with you!



To learn more about becoming a DAHON dealer/reseller, please email Samantha@dahon.com or Contact@dahon.com. Our international specialists will be happy to answer and serve you.