Anniversary 40 Review by Chinese Media

Anniversary 40 Review by Chinese Media

With Anniversary 40 being launched for riders to enjoy worldwide, we arranged for it to be put to the test in Chinese cycling media Meiqi! Check what they have to say about this 40th anniversary special edition model below.

DAHON has launched a global limited edition model: Anniversary 40 in celebration of its 40th anniversary year; this special folding bike combines an ultra-light carbon fiber frame made with DAHON’s renowned bike technology.

Founded in 1982, DAHON has brought out numerous classic folding models through the past 40 years and has wowed riders across the world. As a limited edition bike for the leading folding bike brand’s 40th anniversary, this bicycle has received special customization for its appearance and function. DAHON added its classic shield logo with a 40th anniversary marking for a custom emblem, to highlight its uniqueness as a DAHON 40th anniversary limited edition.

From a distance, its silhouette looks sharp and sleek, and close-up the bike has a luxuriousness to it.  It rides comfortably with a light and quick feel, but also feels safe and sturdy at the same time. Whether it’s for commuting, or for leisure, it will attract attention wherever it goes. This model is limited to 249 units worldwide and today we will take a good look at it.

Carbon fiber well-known for its lightweight characteristics

Anniversary 40’s weight doesn’t tip the scales any higher than 9.5kg, its frame is 1,710g and its front fork is 410g, but it can take a weight of up to 100kg. It uses the same carbon fiber as the main material of professional racing cars, which has been applied to the frame, front fork, handlebar, rim, crank, seat tube; making 90% of the folding bike carbon fiber, which is a material known for reducing a lot of the normal weight of bikes, making them ultra light bike and easy to use. To highlight the lightweight quality of this special bike, DAHON especially designed a feather pattern which can be seen under the bike’s logo.

Diamond frame design that makes the bike’s structure strong and stable

Carbon fiber materials used in bicycles not only reduces their weight, but also increases the strength of their frames. Anniversary 40’s frame has been coated with ultraviolet carbon paint, which shows off the full detail of its carbon fiber pattern in the sun. Many ultra-light models of major manufacturers also do this.

Below the paint, its frame has been wrapped in multiple layers of carbon fiber coating formed from the production process to give a cup-shaped structure, to help achieve shock absorption.

DAHON’s Anniversary 40 has high strength and rigidity thanks to its stable front and rear diamond frame design, and its two hinges are made from a strong, tried-and-tested concealed design, which backs up its attractive appearance with extra reliability for riders. Its strong and stable diamond structure supports a light, comfortable and powerful riding experience.

Excellent configuration that demonstrates DAHON’s renowned manufacturing quality 

▲ DAHON’s Custom carbon fiber disc brake wheels with Schwalbe puncture-resistant tires. Their design gives them a clever aerodynamic performance that reduces wind resistance, and with 4 bearing hubs and Sapim spokes that strengthens the rigidity and efficiency of the wheel set even further, all so it can perform well for smooth and stable rides!

▲ The foldable aluminum alloy handlepost is thick and strong. Built with a unique V-Clamp internal locking technology that makes for a simpler structure, with the offering of reliable locking with increased strength.

▲ Sturdy carbon fiber seatpost + Fizik lightweight seat cushion . The carbon fiber seatpost is adjustable, when storing and pulling the seat tube, you only need to remember the height of your seat tube, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time aligning the seat. The Italian Fizik Antares ultra-light road saddle has excellent support and can help to reduce legs rubbing too much when riding.

▲ Anniversary 40 uses a mixed transmission system, with a SRAM Force carbon crank at the front with a 52T single disc and its rear is a Shimano R7000 11-speed rear derailleur with a 11-34T flywheel. together with a KMC X11 chain,  which makes for a single-disc road bike configuration that delivers easy and efficient rides.

▲Quickly detachable MKS pedals , with 4 orange detachable reflective strips on the front and rear.

▲Disassembling and assembling the pedals is super easy

▲ Equipped with Shimano DEROE hydraulic disc brakes that are compatible with other advanced components; it has a braking force that can be stopped at any time.

▲Its fixed magnets at the front and rear brake positions keep the frame in a secure state after folding.

▲ Handlebars made from carbon fiber material are a standard feature in the market these days. The Anniversary 40 folding bike is equipped with a 580mm long carbon fiber handlebar which is more flexible and comfortable for the hands of riders. With its adjustable double handlepost riser, you can change your selected riding position anytime and anywhere, without the need for upgrades later on.

▲ There is a custom hexagonal wrench hidden by the side of the Ergon GP3 grip, which plays a key role in the folding and unfolding of the bike.

▲The tool hidden in the handlebar is the very light and compact Datool.

How does Anniversary 40’s technology achieve fast folding? 

The upper and lower tubular frames of Anniversary 40 adopt Lock Jaw folding joint hinge technology that can be quickly folded with the handlebar.

The folding buckle is integrated in the frame, and its lock is barely visible. Although this component slightly increases folding time, its design eliminates the need for a complex quick release mechanism, making the folding process more reliable, practical and streamlined.

▲ Before folding, move the seatpost to the bottom first, which can be easily done with its quick release clip.

▲Take out the tool from the handlebar and loosen the fixing screws of the upper and lower tubular frames.

▲The tool can be folded in two sections, which can be used as a powerful wrench, but it’s faster and more flexible than a ratchet wrench.

▲After the screw is completely loosened, it will come loose neatly from its spring but will not fall off.
It is worth noting that the Lock Jaw folding technology is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, and its carbon fiber joint adopts DAHON patented technology.

▲Open the safety device of the standpipe, turn the wrench, for the handlebar to be folded up.

▲The folded handlebar is fixed into a small device on the frame, so when it is lifted or transported, it will not sway or scratch its body.

▲Then the body is folded up, and the magnets on the front and rear wheels are attracted to complete the folding of the whole vehicle. When lifting or walking, it is not easy to disperse.

The folded DAHON 40th Anniversary Limited Edition takes up very little space and can easily fit into the trunk of a car.

In terms of safety, this DAHON 40th anniversary limited edition carbon fiber folding bike has passed a series of tests verified by the EU ISO4210-6 quality inspection and can cope with complex urban riding environments. Take it out of the trunk of the car, unfold it quickly and tighten the screw with a tool, and you can forget about the troubles of traffic jams and enjoy the city.

As an urban commuting folding bicycle, Anniversary 40, performs well. Not only does it have a super technical carbon fiber frame with sleek paintwork, but it’s also enjoyable to ride. The handling and shifting are a similar feel to those of a flat-handled road bike. However, Anniversary 40 has a smaller and more flexible body, which makes it a lot easier to ride long distances.

Anniversary 40 is a very memorable model, and DAHON’s venture into the field of new materials deserves our praise. If you are a loyal fan of DAHON, then check out this work of art for a unique riding experience!