D4D and Flatpak Technology

Award-winning Flatpak technology for slimline storage

DAHON D4D Flatpak Technology

Our award winning D4D stem and Flatpak technology allow for infinite adjustments that not only let you to lock in your perfect riding position, but enable you to swing the handlebar down and to the side in seconds, out of the way for flat storage. Couple that with DAHON patented folding or quick-release pedals, and you can easily reduce a full sized bike from 3D to 2D in seconds, parking almost completely flat against the wall, between parked cars or next to your wardrobe. It’s the revolution regular bikes have been waiting for.

Clocking up a Taipei Cycle Show Design & Innovation award in 2015, the D4D Quickpark stem can be fitted to regular bikes as well as coming as standard on some select DAHON folding bikes. No more wrestling with protruding handlebars; flat-packing your bike opens up slimmer spaces meaning you can store your bicycle inside or in the garage more easily. Forget about theft or bad weather. Made of aluminum alloy and weighing in at 600 grams, with the D4D Quickpark stem handlebar angles and height can be easily adjusted, by way of an ingenious mechanism that optimizes riding comfort every time. The innovative stem employs a high-leverage, ergonimic quick release making for greater control and less fiddling with small levers, without compromising on added weight.

Developed and evolved over years of RnD, this technology means no tools to lose track of and no time wasted on nuts and bolts. Your  bike can be Flatpak ready at all times. With a memory function to help you find your sweet spot every time you unfold and get ready to ride, and autopositioning assistance to get you set up dead center easily and accurately, the D4D stem keeps DAHON’s values of performance plus convenience right at its core.