DAHON callout for new bicycle distribution partners

DAHON callout for new bicycle distribution partners


Global bicycle industry rising demand

The global bicycle industry is experiencing a rise in customer demand, more so than ever before, due to factors including Covid-19 and climate change. DAHON is actively seeking new distributors to supply more of its products; helping more riders across the globe to get access to the world-renowned innovative, user-friendly folding bike technology that has been boosting lifestyles for nearly 40 years.

Wide range of bicycle products available for distributors

We are looking for distributors to join the DAHON family and spread the word about the brand in their respective regional markets. We look forward to welcoming new partners on board with a wide range of attractive bikes and accessories available at surprisingly affordable rates, such as best-selling model Mariner D8 and newest models: HIT, Unio E20, Curl Ei4 and E-Scooter.

DAHON’s successful 2021

Although 2021 was a hard period for everyone in the bicycle industry, especially with the unbelievably long lead time for parts; even with this situation, DAHON still achieved many great successes, such as: being awarded the Creative Award for the CURL electric folding bike and the Gold Award for the new internal disc brake at the China Cycle Show back in May. In addition, DAHON President and CEO, Dr. David T. Hon, was featured as the cover star in China Bicycle magazine where he was recognised for his industry accolades and long-term contribution to the bicycle sector.
DAHON also celebrated the following achievements last year:

    • Successfully registered dozens of patents.
    • Had a great increase in sales compared to 2019 and 2020.
    • Developed production facilities in Romania and also another European-free-trade-zone country.
    • Launched Unio e20, the compact foldable e-bike, and HIT, a give-back-to-society bike designed for people who need to commute under pandemic.
    • Built a 3D Virtual Showroom.
    • Expanded operation to include sharing of our technology/designs, parts and brand name with not just folding bike makers, but also regular bike and parts suppliers. Dozens of partners across 7 nations have signed up and profited.
    • Increased marketing investments, by doing more SEO, KOL reviews, and encouraging our distributors to boost marketing activities and claim their reimbursement from DAHON.
    • Shortened the SKU list of bikes and parts, and prepared some inventories, to achieve more stable delivery under the pandemic situation.

      Exciting plans for 2022 in DAHON’s 40th anniversary year

      As the 40th anniversary of DAHON, 2022 will be a very important year, with changes besides those mentioned above. We also plan to launch some exciting models for the global market, including the 40th-anniversary, limited edition, carbon-fiber folding bike, the 40th anniversary edition of the Mariner, for which DAHON will lower margins and MSRP, some competitive and purpose-designed bikes from the domestic China line, a minivelo bike (inspired by the DAHON Classic), a multi-age folding bike, and several electric bikes, including the Unio, Curl EI4 and an electric cargo tricycle. Perhaps not all of them will be promoted for all territories, but we offer an overall picture for our deeper communication and cooperation. We value your generous suggestions and comments, please do not hesitate to contact us with the contact details listed below.

      Sharing 360

      DAHON’s B2B Sharing 360 strategy has been a industry success, since it was introduced in 2019, folding bike pioneer DAHON has had good results with dozens of customers signing up to its programs, and many leading figures have shown great interest and support for it.

      Inquire about becoming a DAHON distributor

      To find out more information about becoming a DAHON distributor, please email Samantha@dahon.com or Contact@dahon.com.