DAHON Helps to Alleviate Poverty with “Hope for Pearl” Program

DAHON Helps to Alleviate Poverty with “Hope for Pearl” Program

For the first time, 100% of its 30 Pearl students have passed the admission score of key universities


For the past 7 years, Dr. David Hon and staff from DAHON Group have supported the “Hope for Pearl” program from the Zhejiang Xinhua Compassion Education Foundation (“XHEF” in short), a charity that helps poor students by covering the cost of their education and accommodation. In 2021, DAHON group announced the exciting news that the 30 students it had sponsored from the Golmud No.2 Middle School, Qinghai Province, had all successfully passed the admission score of key universities in Chinese National College Entrance Examination. This is the first time since DAHON participated in this program that all of its Pearl students had achieved this great result.

In 2004, XHEF launched the “Hope for Pearl” program. The charity believes that promising but impoverished college entrance candidates are like pearls scattered all over the country, waiting to be picked up and protected. Thanks to contributions from socially conscious citizens, this program helps these students to enjoy equal opportunities in education, shaping them into confident and healthy individuals who can successfully complete their studies and contribute to society.

Dr. David Hon, Chairman of DAHON Group, and his employees, have long been committed to charity and public welfare. This program supports individuals for a period of three years each, mainly to subsidize poor high school students for study and living expenses. To date, DAHON Group has supported three rounds of “Hope for Pearl” programs, funding 193 poor high school students from Helong and Baishan, in Jilin Province, and Golmud, Qinghai Province. Some of these students have already graduated from college, and among them are graduates from California Institute of Technology and major Chinese universities. After receiving a Pearl education these students have a better chance to shine in society.

While focusing on the research and development of folding bicycles for nearly 40 years, Dr. Hon extends the sense of mission and responsibility of “green travel” to the public welfare. At the same time, Dr. Hon hopes that there will be more socially conscious citizens that will participate in public welfare initiatives, so more support can be shared to disadvantaged groups across society.

Dr. Hon was delighted to hear about this year’s 30 Pearl students achieving good results through hard study, so to motivate them further he donated 50% more than previous years. In the future, Dr. Hon, as one of the prestigious donors of the “Hope for Pearl” program, will lead DAHON to play an active role in alleviating poverty, promoting education development, supporting young people, and leading public welfare. So that this program can give more Pearl students hope for a better future, and a great chance to succeed in life.

If you want to show your support, you are welcome to join the XHEF’s “Hope for Pearl” program to make a donation.

How to donate online: Visit the charity’s website listed below, and choose targeted donation.

The hotline for donations: +86 (0573) 82582229/82582223
Email address: info@xhef.org
Website: https://www.xhef.org