DAHON Lifestyle Videos Part 2

DAHON Lifestyle Videos Part 2

Now it’s time to take a look at the second half of the family members from the DAHON 2022 line-up. If you haven’t checked out part 1 you can click here for it if you wish.

Next up it’s K3!

This 14 inch wheel folding bike is the perfect companion for any city trip. With a weight of just over 8 kg, this 3-speed foldie is convenient to carry and its simple silhouette stands out on any street.

K3 PLUS: designed for high endurance on your urban adventures.

Evolved from the original K3, with an updated and sturdy frame geometry, it maintains the classic colors fans love. This showstopper’s 9 speeds, precision disc brakes and foldability can adapt to wherever your ride takes you.

Meet one of our most popular bicycles, the Mariner D8!

It’s a high quality, lightweight bike at a surprisingly affordable price. Its portability makes the Mariner D8 ideal for trips that include a stretch by bus or train – perfect for multi-modal urban transport. Take it on your next adventure.

See for yourself what other riders think about this bike, with review videos by 2Bikes4Adventure and Blazin Blades.

Smooth riding with Mu LX

This ultralight design rides on custom niobium rims, with a punchy Shimano 11 speed derailleur and top components across the board. The Mu LX delivers smooth handling and performance at all times, wherever your adventures take you.

The Qix D3: the latest of our vertical folding superstars

With a custom DAHON 3-speed derailleur and V brakes, this bike means business. Ingenious technology means the Qix D3 can be rolled directly into folded mode – quickly and easily.

SUV D6: the embodiment of versatility 👌

It has compact wheels and a folding frame that stores in seconds. This stable bike is great for maneuvering through busy streets, along the waterfront or for storage in a camper van. It’s a gateway to get out and play.

Electrify your ride with Unio E20

Get awesome performance, and 9 speeds, powered by a 200W/36V mid-motor and 36V/8.7AH battery. Folding convenience is perfectly complemented with a hidden seatpost battery and an ultra-light drive system. Enjoy long range without sacrificing weight and appearance.

Recent features of this bike have been published by North American media Momentum and British press Cyclist.

Glide the streets with Vybe D7

This lightweight aluminum bike gets you moving, with a retro design and seven speeds of Shimano gear range. This crowd-pleasing folding bicycle promises convenience and true riding comfort, with all the compact folding features that today’s busy people have come to expect. A better ride.

And that’s a wrap! Discover more about the latest DAHON folding bicycles on our bike page. Find out the price and availability of these models in your region by reaching out to your local dealer/distributor.