DAHON showcases technical achievements at China Bicycle Industry Conference 2021

DAHON showcases technical achievements at China Bicycle Industry Conference 2021


China Bicycle Industry and Fashion Trends Conference Overview

On December 2, the 2021 China Bicycle Industry and Fashion Trends conferences were launched; they were themed around the topic of “Integration and Sharing of Digital Intelligence in the Future” and sponsored by the China Bicycle Industry Association with support by the China National Light Industry Council. Global folding bike manufacturer DAHON exhibited its latest innovations at the event that was attended by many bicycle industry peers to discuss research and development findings, future trends, and brand power, and also allowed fans to take part in testing DAHON bikes in Guangzhou.

DAHON Technological Innovations

Show highlights included brand founder and CEO, Dr. David Hon doing a conference presentation on stage showcasing the latest DAHON innovations and business strategies; he gave a full lowdown on the Sharing 360 strategy which offers over 400 patented technologies and mutual benefits that can be shared with bicycle industry members to enhance their competitiveness as well as support them in their long-term planning. He introduced the latest bicycles, parts, accessories and a range of speech boosting face masks, and unveiled the newest DAHON global creations to conference attendees: CURL Ei4, and 2 new disc brake designs.


The CURL Ei4 is a 3rd generation electric bike with 11 major patented technologies and an optimized design evolved from the CURL i4 prototype. Its aluminum alloy frame comes with 16 inch front and rear wheels, a smart stopwatch, a 36V/250W motor with a 36V / 7AH kettle-type battery, alongside a key switch, and dual mode that enables easy switching between power settings to make traveling more fun.

Safety Disk Brake

One of the most eye-catching, patented accessories produced by DAHON this year; it won the Gold Award at the Innovation Awards during the China Cycle Show in May. Its key advantage is its offset internal structure that effectively protects the disc, avoiding knocks and collisions; even after years of use, the disc will resist warping, offering improved performance compared to ordinary disc brakes. The Safety Disk Brake is more versatile, with better handling than that of ordinary disc brakes, thanks to its inset of 15mm. For the folding bikes market, it fundamentally solves disk brake installation problems such as bulky folding volumes and increased body weight, optimizing its appearance and performance. Internationally available from 2022, these new safety disc brakes will be fully applied to all DAHON models equipped with disc brakes.

Double Brake

The idea behind the Double Brake is that when braking, the brake’s body drives the first brake pad to move in the direction closest to the disc brake disc, which can be opposite to the second brake pad with the same force acting on the disc brake disc to achieve braking successfully. Equally a single brake achieves a double-sided brake effect, it is lightweight and low cost, making it suitable for all types of disc brake modifications in the market.


The China Bicycle Industry Conference was a successful 3 day event, DAHON comprehensively demonstrated its product portfolio of folding bikes, core components, cycling equipment and accessories; presenting exhibits for the entire cycling industry chain. Looking to the future DAHON will as always move forward with its innovation-driven development strategy to support the bicycle sector, including actively developing more for bike parts to fully overcome common technical problems of the folding bike industry and accelerating the industrialization of safety disc brakes.