DAHON Unveils the Cutting-Edge Vélodon Road Bike at the 32nd China International Bicycle Fair

DAHON Unveils the Cutting-Edge Vélodon Road Bike at the 32nd China International Bicycle Fair

Shanghai, May 5 — The 32nd edition of the China International Bicycle Fair (CIBF) kicked off with grandeur at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Renowned bicycle brand DAHON stole the spotlight at booth [E1 1305] with the unveiling of its latest speed technology “D-VELO” and “Sharing 360” patented parts, capturing the attention of a global audience.

The event was honored by the presence of Dr. David Hon, the visionary founder of DAHON, who delivered a noteworthy announcement regarding the groundbreaking speed technology known as “D-VELO”. Dr. Hon enthusiastically shared the exceptional performance of the Vélodon, the first DAHON 700C road bike featuring the remarkable “D-VELO” technology.  The Vélodon received widespread acclaim from both local and international attendees, solidifying its reputation as a stellar innovation in the cycling industry.

DAHON showcased an extensive selection of bicycles that went beyond folding bikes. Their presentation included an assortment of road bikes, e-bikes, and children’s bikes, catering to a wide range of preferences. We’re unveiling our full lineup categorized into Urban, Vogue, Explorer, and Performance applications. Visitors can wander the booth’s pathways, immersing themselves in the delightful features of DAHON’s diverse product range.



The Vélodon, undoubtedly the star of DAHON’s booth, is the first bike line to exhibit the D-VELOD technology. With a wheel size of 700C and a carbon fiber frame, it boasts 15%-25% greater frame rigidity than typical carbon fiber road bikes. The unique “Bend Taper” design significantly enhances the rigidity of the central tube, merging power and speed for a revolutionary riding experience.



DAHON’s cutting-edge “K-Feather” folding electric-assist bike secured the Gold Award of “2024 CHINA CYCLE Creative Award Selection”. This triumph underscores DAHON’s commitment to groundbreaking technology and eco-consciousness. It reaffirms DAHON’s leading status and formidable presence in the electric vehicle domain.

The Super PC22 carbon fiber folding bike stole the spotlight as soon as it hit the floor. Crafted with precision and innovation, the Super PC22 incorporates a range of exclusive DAHON patented technologies, including DELTECH, Super-Down Tube, New Jaws Hinge, and an One-section Carbon Fiber Handlepost. This fusion of advanced engineering and elegant design results in a bicycle that exudes sophistication and stability. But what truly sets the Super PC22 apart is its remarkable speed, surpassing all expectations and redefining what’s possible in the world of cycling.

Similar to the Taipei Cycle Show, the “Race to Win” cycling challenge by DAHON was also a highlight in Shanghai (May 5-7)

DAHON’s “Sharing 360 Program” display area became a focal point for attendees to explore a collection of patented parts. Key highlights included DELTECH cable that significantly improve bike frame rigidity and lifespan, Safety Disc Brakes that adjust up to 15 mm internally, and easily removable Quick-Release Pedals.

The fair boasts 12 themed exhibition halls that bring together top brands from the industry, showcasing a variety of products including bicycles, electric bikes, children’s bikes, tires, accessories, and outdoor sports gear. It offers a comprehensive experience for industry insiders and cycling enthusiasts alike.

The 32nd China International Bicycle Fair is currently underway (May 5-8) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, booth [E1 1305]. DAHON looks forward to welcoming you there!