DAHON YouTube review 2022 round-up

DAHON YouTube review 2022 round-up

As we near the end of 2022, we are starting to reflect on all the amazing highlights we’ve had through our 40th anniversary year! A special part for us was seeing our newest models being reviewed with awesome feedback.

Looking to get a new bike in 2023? We’ve picked a selection of DAHON YouTube reviews from this year from some of our newest models: the Mariner D8,  Unio E20, HIT, K-ONE Electric and Vybe D7. We hope these are useful to help you find the right folding bike for you.

 1. Two Wheel Cruise tests one of our best-selling bikes Mariner D8

Mariner D8 has been a fan favorite from DAHON’s line-up, as a high-quality, lightweight 20 inch folding bicycle that has easy portability for multi-modal travel.

This model has also been a press favorite through the years, having appeared in many best folding bicycle articles including Rolling Stone, Cycling WeeklyGear Patrol and New York Times.

2.  TechMagnet takes Unio E20 for a spin! 

One of our newest folding e-bikes is this speedy drive which has been praised for its ride quality and climbing. It includes 9 speeds, and is powered by a 36V/200w motor and a 36V/8.7AH battery

Unio E20 has also been tested by Charles Ouiment on his YouTube channel and its reviews have been featured in press by Cyclist and Electric Bike Action.

3. Etrailer takes a deep look at HIT

The HIT is a 20 inch folding bike created during the pandemic to match a wide range of rider needs, with its low price and Deltec cable that ups the maximum rider limit to 300 lbs!

The HIT has also been previously tested  by 2Bikes4Adventure , BikeFolded and Two Wheel Cruise, and has been reviewed by Momentum.

4. K-ONE hub drive folding e-bike tested around Canadian campgrounds

An electric upgraded version of non electric 20 inch folding bike K ONE.

Third Rail Ebikes have also published a super-useful review of the K ONE E-bike.

5. Vybe D7 unboxing and riding experience by Greg Boswell in USA

Vybe D7 is a comfortable 20 inch folding bike with a retro design and 7 speeds of Shimano gear range.

It’s also received online reviews from Folding Bike Guy and from Bikefolded.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews and have found this info useful! Want to meet more DAHON bikes? You can also check out our latest international line-up here.

Interested in purchasing a DAHON folding bicycle?

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