Dutch Dealers Visit Dahon Factory in Shenzhen

Dutch Dealers Visit Dahon Factory in Shenzhen

Dahon hosts visitors at folding bike factory

Duarte, California, December 15, 2011 – Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles, welcomed a group of over 30 dealers into its production factory in Shenzhen. The visit was part of a tour organized by Dutch magazine, Fietsmarkt, to get a behind-the-scenes look at the factories of leading bicycle and accessory manufacturers across China.

In addition to seeing the complete production process carried out by factory employees, guests in the Shenzhen factory were given the unique opportunity see how Dahon’s 70-man engineering team develops new bicycles and technologies. The Dutch dealers also viewed and tested products from the 2012 product range and were given a glimpse into the inner workings of the factory’s operational structure. The extensive displays of both historic and new products in Dahon’s showroom largely impressed the dealers and they were equally intrigued to learn how recreational activities such as basketball played an integral role in employee motivation.

The tour gave dealers a chance to better understand the manufacturing process as well as what goes into the production of the products they sell in their shops. Arnauld Hackmann, editor in chief of Fietsmarkt and organizer of the tour says, “It’s a perfect networking event and a golden opportunity to talk directly with people from the factories.”

Other stops on the tour included Tristar, Bafang Motor Company, Willex, Champion-Sys, JD Group and Colossi Cycling.