Fan feature: DAHON riding in Dubai with Speed, Vybe and Vigor

Fan feature: DAHON riding in Dubai with Speed, Vybe and Vigor


At DAHON HQ, we always love to receive not only fun photos but also feedback from fans about how DAHON bikes have made a difference in their lives.  It’s a great experience for us to learn about our riders and share their story to our global riding community.

For this fan feature, we will have a quick catch up with fan Jomer Babala from the Philippines who currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; asking him about his DAHON lifestyle:

How did your DAHON journey start?
I chose DAHON because of the design and geometry of the frame, I used to ride a mountain bike but when I saw a group community riding with this folding bike, I was amazed by it, so I purchased a DAHON folding bike then joined the club DAHON Folding Club UAE.

Where is your favorite place to ride with the DAHON Folding club?
Dubai Mall Downtown, Dubai Festival Heart Loop and Dubai Canal via Burj Al Arab.

Do you cycle with friends outside of the club? 
I used to ride with my friends, but for the time being because of the pandemic, I ride solo. I always share my riding experiences to encourage my friends to select a DAHON bicycle; they are always interested to hear about the DAHON brand.

What DAHON bikes do you have? 
The 1st DAHON I purchased was a Matt Black Speed 8, then the 2nd was a Vigor; I chose this model because I really liked the color and the frame, then I upgraded it to make it lighter, and got more add-on parts to improve my speed performance. Then the Vybe is the 3rd bike which I bought for my wife to motivate her to ride a folding bike and join my folding bike group as well. It’s been nearly 3 years riding these bikes and I’m looking forward to getting another one.

What’s your favorite thing about DAHON bikes?
I find them very light and comfy especially when I am commuting in metro stations. They give me easy access to places, and can also fold nicely.

Thanks so much Jomer for featuring and sending us the great photos.

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