Get the Low Down on DAHON with Bike Folded

Get the Low Down on DAHON with Bike Folded

If you haven’t heard of Bike Folded, well, where have you been?! Dedicated to all things folding bikes, they have spent many, many years testing and reviewing folding bikes of all shapes and sizes to help people make the tricky decision that is – ‘what folding bike should I buy?’.

Folding bikes are a great way of getting into cycling. Maybe you’re wanting to make a lifestyle change by choosing to cycle to work, or maybe you want to start cycling as a hobby. Either way, cycling is a great way to get fit, have fun and explore more of the world! And Bike Folded offer some great advice for anyone starting off on their journey to buying a folding bike.

We’re always excited to see Bike Folded’s latest tests and reviews of our bikes, and as experienced folding bike riders we value the opinion of bike folded highly so we wanted to give you a quick run down of some of their most useful articles for those of you out there wanting to find out more about DAHON folding bikes.

DAHON Qix D8 Review

New Dahon Folding Bikes Released in 2019

DAHON Speed P8 Review

DAHON Mariner D7 Review

DAHON Speed Uno Review

A quick search on the Bike Folded website for ‘DAHON’ and you’ll find a whole heap of reviews, articles, folding guides and test videos featuring DAHON folding bikes. You can also follow bike folded on Facebook to get regular updates straight to your news feed.

Got any favourite folding bike blogs you think we should know about? Let us know, we’re always up for a good read!