Our Fall Cycling Must-Have Accessories!

Our Fall Cycling Must-Have Accessories!

Savoring a refreshing fall day, you may find yourself breaking a sweat under a clear blue sky, or enjoying a leisurely stroll on a starry night. Whether day or night, the joy of cycling is one of life’s simple pleasures!

Cycling has evolved from being just an outdoor activity, transforming into a symbol of freedom and an enhanced way of life. Reliable, high-quality gear is super important for cyclists to relish in effortless, comfortable rides.

Cycling Helmet

Riding fast can be thrilling, but safety should always come first. In the unfortunate event of an accident, not wearing a helmet can place any rider in great danger. Wearing a helmet may make your hair slightly messy, giving you ‘helmet hair’, but it’s totally worth it for a piece of equipment that could eventually save your life.


Bee Magnetic Windshield Helmet

Crafted from robust PC material that resists deformation, this helmet offers comprehensive protection for the head from all angles! The reinforced high-definition lenses protect the eyes and keep out dust, wind, and road debris. Ventilation holes facilitate the flow of fresh air in and hot air out, to help riders maintain a cool head.

Combining an eco-friendly PC shell with an EPS core, it boasts the advantages of lightweight construction, robust quality, and elegant design.


Children’s Cycling Helmet

Designed for budding young cyclists, parents will feel completely at ease knowing their little ones are equipped with this piece of highly protective gear. Crafted with lightweight EPS, dense PC shell, detachable and washable head pads, and ventilation all to ensure comfortable, impact-resistant wear. It’s ultra lightweight, weighing just 220g – equivalent to the weight of an apple, helping young explorers to breeze through their adventures. All roads to discovery begin with a well-protected head!

Cycling Glasses

Cycling glasses are essential not just for style but for functionality, they protect against UV rays, intense light, and reflections, as well as dust, insects, and small debris. These glasses curve to fit a variety of face shapes, providing excellent coverage and visibility. The tinted galvanized lenses optimize vision for a clear, enjoyable ride!


Half-finger Glove

A well-fitted, distinctive pair of gloves not only protects the hands of riders but also adds a stylish touch to their riding experience. Fingerless gloves, renowned for their exceptional breathability, have emerged as the preferred choice among cyclists.


They are anti-slip and shock resistant for improved durability, thanks to enhanced GEL silicone in the palm. Secured with Velcro for effortless wear and adjustable fit. Ventilation holes guarantee airflow and quick drying, while the towel-like fabric facilitates easy and convenient sweat wiping.


Ice Silk Arm Sleeves

Even in fall, UV protection is important for outdoor enthusiasts. These cooling arm sleeves effectively block harmful UV rays and safeguard the skin from potential damage.


Made with remarkably elastic, cool-to-the-touch materials, these sleeves excel in effective sweat-wicking. The cuffs are fabricated with silicone anti-slip strips to prevent sliding.


Night Ride High-Beam Flashlight

Strolling along vibrant fall streets on a refreshing night is a really enjoyable experience, a high-beam flashlight can enhance this by illuminating any path on an evening ride!

DAHON has created a 500 lumens wide floodlight with 4 lighting modes, for versatile use. This flashlight features a quick-release design for tool-free installation. Its USB charging port enables convenient and eco-friendly use.


Bottle Cage

Staying hydrated is crucial in cycling. Whether you prefer to bring your own water bottle or purchase a chilled one from a nearby store, having a water bottle holder is indispensable. We have 2 types to keep riders refreshed!


Lightweight Aluminum Bottle Cage

Constructed from aluminum, the holder is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and long lasting.


Glass Fiber Bottle Cage

Complete with a sleek, refined look, this bottle cage elegantly showcases your bottle.


Touch Screen Front Bag

Don’t want to install a mobile phone stand on your bicycle? Consider the versatile touch-screen Bike Front Bag instead! Its spacious design holds your phone, glasses, flashlight, and gloves all in one sealed compartment! Made from a waterproof material that guarantees protection against any unexpected rain.

Suitable for 7.5-inch smartphones, the bag features a responsive transparent touch screen for clear visuals. Secured by three-point Velcro, for easy setup and removal.


Aluminum Alloy Pedals

Beyond bike material, technical applications, and transmission systems, the pedals, a seemingly minor yet essential component that needs attention. High-quality pedals improve riding force and cycling control, enabling riders to pedal with greater efficiency.

Crafted from light aluminum alloy, this frame boasts a wide pedal design for effortless cycling. Dual-sided anti-slip spikes ensure a secure grip, and its universal screw ensures a secure fit.


Anti-theft Password Lock

Safeguarding your bike with a coded lock is essential to protect your beloved folder from theft, keeping your bike safe and sound.

The five-digit password enables keyless, quick locking. PVC wrapping prevents scratches, ensuring both durability and an attractive appearance. The high-quality 12mm*120cm steel cable offers ample length and flexibility.


Tempted by any of these products? Check with your local DAHON distributor for availability in your region. Keep in mind that riding an exceptional bike equipped with top-tier components can undoubtedly elevate your cycling experience.


With DAHON, there are no limits to speed on the road to success!