Summer cycling trip around Croatia

Summer cycling trip around Croatia

At DAHON HQ we always love to see fans around the world documenting their cycling adventures on social media. Last month, Croatian distributor Ciklo Centar posted photos from rider Nenad Lizdek, who cycled around Croatia on his DAHON Mu D9. He has kindly shared his story with us about the tour he completed this summer:

“My name is Nenad. I’ve been cycling almost all my life and bicycle touring every year for almost a decade. I usually travel on my 27-speed touring bicycle (28’’) but a few months ago I bought a Dahon MU D9 for city riding and started discovering the whole freedom unfolds life! I wanted to try this bike out and see what the “Little One” as I now call it, had to offer. I didn’t really have a lot of time to do proper planning, but it was obvious from the maps that the terrain would be rough. And boy was it rough!”

“As usual I travelled alone but this time some of my dearest friends happened to be vacationing on the same islands as me at the time of my tour, which made the whole trip even more enjoyable.
I started off from Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb by train to Rijeka and then rode to my first base on the island of Krk. In the following two days I cycled around the island, seeing the towns of Omišalj, Vrbnik, Krk and Mlinska, and sweating up many 7-9% grade climbs on my 9-speed Little One. By now, I’d officially got used to this setup and fell in love with this bicycle.”

“My next stop was on the far end of another island, around 90 km away from the first one. This was the toughest ride during the tour by a long way with a 12% gradient, however once I got up there, the following 40 kilometres along the middle of Cres Island became one of the most beautiful rides of my life. I spent the next few days researching several beautiful rides and towns I could visit along the way in both Cres and Losinj islands.”

“The final icing on the cake was the last ride (20 km), I had to start at 4 A.M. to catch the catamaran boat on time to get back to Rijeka and then get the train to Zagreb.
All in all in six days, I travelled about 370 km with about 5530 meters of elevation gained, with lots of sweat, fun and ice-cream, I had a great time! What an adventure!”

Check out more pics from Nenad’s Summer trip around Croatia below.